studioron x kss architects

furniture installation for bok bar

Conceived as a landscape bringing both the beach and the boardwalk to their rooftop bar. Constructed of wood 2x4 framing for an abstract representation of the boardwalk and 55 pink pool noodles cut into 8" and 9" sections as reference to the beach, the full lounging platform sits at 21" wide by 6' long. While designed as a monolith, the piece was assembled in 7 segments and may be rearranged or scattered about the bar.

Participating as part of studioRON, a design collective, and in partnership with KSS Architects. The team was selected by Bok Bar in their 2017 open call for designers to furnish their rooftop bar with unique and experimental installations. 

February - May 2017: Design, fabrication + installation at Bok Bar

studioRON: Justin Bernard, Eric Mayer + Hannah Candelaria

KSS Architects: Becker Raab, Jordan Mrazik, Beth Emig, Melanie Whedon, Jesse Wilks, Justin Konicek and more. 

photography: KSS Architects